Tell us, what is an unfair advantage?

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Joshua Ibarra (03/01/2013)
Knowing what lies just beyond the curb.
nuts (07/04/2012)
The chick at the checkout pulls the person behimd you to aa new register
Prashant Govil (04/02/2012)
When you are going against the crowd and also when you are trading spot forex with proper knowledge ;-)
alexjaja (03/14/2012)
being updated with latest info since relevant info today, tomorrow is ancient history
Marcos Vincius Rodrigues (01/01/2012)
I believe is for few people "like Neo in Matrix" that took the pill , because if were for everybody who will replace the people in quadrant E and S"real financerĀ“s"
chris,uganda (12/19/2011)
the one that introduced the current school system is the creator of unfair advantage
Daniel Kure (11/18/2011)
Knowing that one thing that keeps me ahead of the pack.
Aman (09/26/2011)
When is this coming out?
Just another cog, going against the grain... (09/16/2011)
You want to fully understand what's happening to us? Since the video here doesn't exist, then these two docs are far more detailed as to why we are in the financial mess that Robert Kiyosaki has been preaching about in his books: 1) Fall of the Republic: 2) Invisible Empire: You will not be disappointed. Millions of people have watched these vids already and are waking up to these fraudsters...
Olander Washington (09/01/2011)
Having every book written by Robert T. Kiyosaki read and applied then studied again.
Mal (08/29/2011)
Predicting the future!
atobisan (08/27/2011)
There are knowledge available to only some set of people
Mduduzi (08/11/2011)
An unfair advantage is,I only hear about this book but i cant find it in South Africa
Jeffry Valverde (08/07/2011)
To believe, that your University Degree will take you to a save place!!!
Tony DeRose (08/02/2011)
Where should my money be for 2012?
Carlos Riquelme (07/26/2011)
where can i find this video Documentary? is it already?
Daniel (07/24/2011)
Only the True!
naresh Pahilajani (07/10/2011)
im very much keen to go more deeper in your books and audios .naresh
george (07/10/2011)
love u rich dad company u are the best thanks robert
Tuo Dong (06/18/2011)
An unfair advantage is releasing the book on audiobook so i can listen to it on my iphone. : )
rodrigue hervey moifo (06/14/2011)
Before we talk of an "unfair advantage" let us take a close look at the defination, because what we fail to define we can't found. it is simply the ability to recognise opportunuies and be able to mazimised them to the fullest. The ability to turn stombling blooks to steping stones, set backs to set up for a come back, tragedies to comedies etc. Therefore an unfair advantage is when, two or more people have the same opportunity but with different result.
Darren (06/04/2011)
An unfair advantage is like many have said here,...being financially educated versus being financially uneducated.
Darren (06/04/2011)
An unfair advantage is like many have said here,...being financially educated versus being financially uneducated.
Coach Sonny Azores (05/22/2011)
the unfair advantage of the rich is financial education, they know how to play the "Money Game" while the poor and middle class do not. Its about time to educate ourselves before its too late.
Vasanth (05/21/2011)
Money, Power and Politics, people who possess any or all of them get to roll the ball and take Unfair Advantage over people who lack financial knowledge, Eg. CEOS OF Multi national financial institutions and Politicians.

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